Exposition (Hortatory)

the purpose is to persuade the readers or listener that something should or should not be the case. hortatory exposition or analytical exposition are classified as argumentation.

the general structure are:

1. thesis                         : the writer point of view about the topic discussion.

2. arguments               : the series of argument which strengthen the thesis stated before.

3. recommendation : the writer gives recommendation to the readers.

the last paragraph of hortatory exposition makes different from analytical exposition. the analytical exposition closes the paragraph with the restatement of writer’s thesis. hortatory exposition will be ended  a strong recommendation.

the grammatical features consist of:

  • use of simple present tense
  • use of subjective opinions using pronouns “i” or “We”
  • use of mental processes to state what the writer think or feels about issue
  • use of material processes to state what ahppens
  • use of relational processes to state what it should or should not be


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